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Manymak Energy Efficiency Project

Indigenous Essential Services

The Manymak project recruited, engaged and educated low Indigenous households about energy efficiency, in culturally appropriate ways.

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Multi-Purpose Facility Energy Efficiency and Natural Lighting Project

Nazareth Catholic Community


The Nazareth Catholic Community was awarded Australian Government funding to undertake energy efficiency upgrades at the Nazareth Catholic Community multipurpose facility in Adelaide, South Australia.

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Multilingual Energy Efficiency Information for SMEs in Northern Metro Melbourne

Moreland Energy Foundation Limited

Brunswick , VIC

Moreland Energy Foundation Limited (MEFL) has developed energy efficiency information in a variety of languages for the scientific and technical sector, the retail, accommodation and food sector and local manufacturers in the northern metro region in Melbourne.

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National Energy Efficiency Network for Faith-Based Community Organisations

Catholic Earthcare Australia

Braddon , ACT

Catholic Earthcare Australia (CEA) has developed energy efficiency information so that faith-based community organisations and SMEs can become more energy efficient and save on energy costs.

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North Sydney Olympic Pool Cogeneration Plant Project

North Sydney Council


North Sydney Council was awarded Australian Government funding to install cogeneration technology and equipment at the North Sydney Olympic Pool in New South Wales.

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Novita Children's Services – Energy Saving Initiatives, Regency Park Complex

Novita Children's Services


Novita Children’s Services was awarded Australian Government funding to undertake numerous energy efficiency solutions at Novita Children’s Services, Regency Park Offices, SA.

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Office lighting and sustainability programs through CitySwitch Program and Sustainability Victoria

Kingston City Council


This project aims to produce a best practice case study for large scale commercial office lighting retrofits that will act as a showcase for other commercial office building owners and tenants throughout Australia. Lessons learnt will be spread via the CitySwitch Program and sustainability Victoria and funds saved will be used to expand the reach of Council's existing community programs in LSE communities.

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Our Green Home

Sustainable Business Australia Limited

The Our Green Home project engaged and assisted low income households to be more energy efficient through the provision of energy education, assessments and the installation of online energy monito

Portside Building Retrofit Regional Showcase

Cradle Coast Authority


Cradle Coast Authority in Burnie, Tasmania was awarded Australian Government funding to retrofit the heritage listed Portside building with more efficient heating, cooling and lighting solutions.

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Power Down

GV Community Energy

The PowerDown project engaged and assisted participant households to be more energy efficient by providing energy assessments, workshops and retrofits.

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Power Savers Program

Nature Conservation Council NSW

The Power Savers Program focused on increasing energy literacy, billing control and reducing electricity use for participant households.

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Skillset Limited

The PowerPlay project evaluated the effectiveness of applying Interactive Decision Theory to overcome motivation as a barrier to young apprentices and trainees engaging with energy efficiency in We

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BEST Employment Limited

The PowerSave project provided energy information at public kiosks, energy workshops and home visits to low income households in the New England / North West area of NSW.

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Re-energising Perth’s Eastern Region: Energy efficient lighting, air-conditioning and pool pump retrofits of key community facilities and street lighting in Perth's Eastern Region

Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council (EMRC)


The Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council (EMRC) was awarded Australian Government funding to undertake energy efficiency activities along Old Perth Road, the Bayswater Public Library, the Bayswater Waves Aquatic Centre and the Bilgoman Aquatic Centre in Western Australia.

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Re-energising Port Adelaide Enfield Community for a Sustainable Future Project

City of Port Adelaide Enfield


The City of Port Adelaide Enfield received Australian Government funding to make energy efficiency upgrades at 8 community facilities located in the council area, South Australia.

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Real Time Energy Monitoring for Businesses in Lake Macquarie

Lake Macquarie Business Centre Limited

Gateshead, NSW

Through real time energy monitoring, Lake Macquarie Business Centre (LMBC) is helping small and medium businesses (SMEs) gain a better understanding of their energy consumption and what they can do to overcome the impact of the rising cost of electricity.

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Reconditioning of the Air Conditioning Unit in the Administration Centre

Gloucester Shire Council


Gloucester Shire Council was awarded Australian Government funding to replace the air-conditioning unit at the Gloucester Shire Council's administration building in Gloucester, New South Wales.

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Reduce Your Juice

Brisbane Green Heart CitySmart

The Reduce Your Juice project trialled meaningful digital energy efficiency engagement (games, entertainment and social media) combined with energy efficiency rewards to assist low income renters b

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Replace Heating Ventilation and Air-conditioning system, remove inefficient radiators, install LED lighting, improve insulation, window treatments and shading and install solar hot water heating on the Centre

Mahogany Neighbourhood Centre Inc


Frankston North Community Centre (formally Mahogany Neighbourhood Centre) received funding from the Australian Government and Frankston City Council to upgrade their Heating Cooling and Ventilation system, replace the electrical hot water system with a solar hot water system, upgrade their lights to LEDs, insulate the ceiling, treat windows, seal draughts, and install fans.

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Replace Heating Ventilation and Air-conditioning units, draught proofing, building management systems, lighting upgrades, apply sun reflector paint on roof surfaces and plant shade trees, thoughout nine administrative offices and two swimming pool complex

Roper Gulf Shire Council


The Roper Gulf Shire Council received Australian Government funding to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy usage by upgrading and introducing new technologies in nine service delivery centres and two swimming pool complexes. This includes replacing the air conditioner, repairing door closers and sealing windows, installing time control switches on air conditioning and lights, replacing fluoro lighting with LED, applying sun reflector paint, planting shade trees and lowering the ceiling level for improved air conditioning.