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Geothermal heat exchange

Project summary

This project will see the installation of a geothermal heating system, pool blankets, variable speed drives and low flow shower heads in the Geraldton Aquarena.

Need for project

Without Australian Government funding, the total cost of the energy efficiency component would not be possible within current budgets.
The operating costs for this facility exceed its revenue by more than $1 million ps: a disproportionate share of annual resources available from Council budgets for these community facilities.

Project deliverables and outcomes

Modelled data on the basis of the installed system show annual energy savings of 193.49 MJ/m, which will reduce the site energy consumption by 48% which is a significant saving financially and in terms of emissions.

The City of Greater Geraldton successfully delivered a program of energy efficiency measures at the Geraldton Aquarena.

Final Report


This Activity received funding from the Commonwealth of Australia as part of the Community Energy Efficiency Program.


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