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Street lighting

Project summary

The Police and Community Youth Clubs (PCYC) NSW project aims to improve the energy efficiency of PCYC's 59 clubs across NSW. This project will reduce the running costs of their facilities by improving lighting levels . The project will also reduce electricity costs, greenhouse gas emissions and provide a community education hub displaying a variety of clean lighting technologies.

Need for project

Without CEEP funding the project would run on a ROI (return on investment) level. With almost 60 clubs across NSW and ageing premises the list of capital works and projects are large.

Project deliverables and outcomes

PCYC NSW achieved its key project objectives across all 57 clubs and has been able to reduce its capital expenditure on lighting repairs and maintenance, upgrade its lighting to satisfy current Australian Standards and reduced its level of risk by removing old fittings that contained dangerous carcinogenics.

Final Report


This Activity received funding from the Commonwealth of Australia as part of the Community Energy Efficiency Program.


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