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Street lighting

Project summary

Great Lakes Council will be implementing energy efficiency and thermal upgrades in their Administration Centre, Community Centre, Library and Great Lakes Art Centre, Tea Gardens, District Office and the Library. Select public areas will be upgraded to stand alone solar lighting.

Need for project

Without Australian Government funding, the up front costs of the project is beyond Council's capacity to undertake. If Council does not address and reduce the increasing maintenance needs and costs of existing facilities, they will eventually become cost restrictive and further costs may be passed on to the local community.

Project deliverables and outcomes

There is a continued downward trend of energy use following the completion of this project and has provided better services and improved amenity of the community facilities.

Energy consumption has been minimised as has the costs to manage the impacts of carbon price and on turn is contributing to the national effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Final Report


This Activity received funding from the Commonwealth of Australia as part of the Community Energy Efficiency Program.


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