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Cogeneration or trigeneration installation

Project summary

Wagga Wagga City Council was awarded Australian Government funding to install a cogeneration plant at the Oasis Aquatic Centre, Morgan Street, Wagga Wagga, New South Wales. 

Need for project

Wagga Wagga is a large Regional Council with the Oasis Aquatic Centre its most recognisable and utilised public recreation asset. Considering the centre’s consistent electricity and heat demand, cogeneration was identified to be a cost effective solution to cater for the energy needs providing up to 84% of the electricity demand and hot water for swimming pool and pool hall heating.

Project deliverables and outcomes

With a co-contribution from the Wagga Wagga City Council, the council installed a 229kW natural gas fired cogeneration system with a 229 Kw total electrical output capacity and a 358Kw total thermal output capacity. The plant is variable speed to ensure excess energy is not produced. These upgrades improved climate conditioners for users, visitors and staff.

An additional benefit was the Oasis Aquatic centre receiving significant media coverage and publicly within the community which led to a number of enquiries and site visits from community organisations, Local Government representatives and other commercial industries.

Energy costs are expected to be reduced by $276,000 in the first year and an estimated average of $320,000 annually over the first five years. It is estimated that there will be a reduction of carbon emissions of 1332 tonnes per annum.

Final Report


This Activity received funding from the Commonwealth of Australia as part of the Community Energy Efficiency Program.


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