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Geothermal heat exchange, Cogeneration or trigeneration installation

Project summary

This project will implement a hybrid co-generation and geothermal system for pool heating at the Leisure Centre and a tri-generation system at the heritage listed Arts Centre to significantly reduce energy costs and improve the amenity of the heritage building that does not currently have space heating and cooling for public areas

Need for project

Fremantle has a large proportion of disadvanted people in their community. Increased operational efficiency of the centre will support the ongoing provision of several benefits to disadvantaged groups:
Subsidise membership fees which are cheaper than the private health and fitness services.
Concessional rate to those who possess a health or pension card.
Low cost creche, disabled swimming programs and older persons programs.
Partnerships with welfare service providers based in Fremantle.

Project deliverables and outcomes

With funding provided by the CEEP, the project was able to achieve an annual energy efficiency improvement which calculated a financial saving for the Council of $110,700 per annum. This additional saving has been re-invested back into facility to improve amenity of the pools and assist disadvantaged groups with new equipment and upgraded access areas.

Final Report


This Activity received funding from the Commonwealth of Australia as part of the Community Energy Efficiency Program.


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