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Project summary

This Project aims to fast-track significant energy efficiency improvements to major Council energy consuming sites within the Parramatta CBD. The project includes: 1. The Riverside Theatres, which is the 2nd largest Council power consuming site in the CBD; and; 2. The CBD's four multi-storey car parks, which combined are the 4th largest Council power consuming site in the CBD, and provide over 75,000m2 of car parking or 2959 car spaces for daily commuters and visitors to Parramatta.
The project will focus on actions to deliver the following energy efficiency outcomes:1. Reduce energy consumption by 928,612 kWh p.a. (37%); 2. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 835 tCO2 p.a.; 3. Reduce energy costs to the Parramatta community by around $1.9 million over 10 years (at current electricity prices); and 4. Motivate and encourage those who visit, live, and work in Parramatta to improve their own energy management practices.

Need for project

The Riverside Theatres are the second largest Council power consuming sites in the CBD, with over 125,000 patrons attending events each year. The CBD’s multi-storey car parks, which provide 1,725 car spaces for visitors, were also identified as large power consuming sites. With co-funding from the Australian Government and the Parramatta City Council, this project enabled the Council to fast-track significant energy efficiency improvements to major Council energy consuming sites.

Project deliverables and outcomes

Across the three target sites, the project successfully produced the following outcomes:

1) an overall average energy efficiency improvement of 37% at the two CBD car parks;
2) energy cost savings that met the original target and have provided more than $96,000 in savings over the past 12 months;
3) the combined payback of all initiatives is 4.9 years to date;
4) energy consumption savings of 295,032 kWh per year, equivalent to 237 tonnes CO2;
5) raising awareness and education about energy efficiency for all relevant staff, residents, businesses and patrons;
6) improved energy efficiency practices and behaviour change amongst staff and residents.

The works have resulted in good outcomes for energy and cost saving for Council and a demonstration of how asset upgrades can be packaged together to achieve multi-objectives beyond just energy efficiency.

Outcomes and Final Report


This Activity received funding from the Commonwealth of Australia as part of the Community Energy Efficiency Program.


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